Top Video Hosting sites
Posted: Wed, 27 Aug 2014, 10:34 am

Video hosting services are software where clients can distribute their video clips. Other file hosting, image hosting, social network services also support video sharing. Many services have option for private as well as public sharing.

Video sharing services are of various types like user generating video sharing websites, video based editing and video sharing platform. Majority of video sharing sites services are free of cost but some services may charge for their services.

Some websites offer partnership programs as commercialization features and also able the user to pay per view for their video.

There are user generated sites which offers services to upload video and share with the masses. Many site place some restrictions on the size, subject matter, duration and format of the video file. Many sites even do not allow content that is inappropriate. Some sites also provide space to adult material after verifying user's age.

White-label providers provide technology to various parties that allow them to create services of the user generated video sharing with clients brand. Like Akamai host and manage video/audio/image for companies .

There are some video hosting providers that provide hosting for the customers who wants to share video content externally with partners,customers,and prospects or internally with employees. These providers are:-



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